Qatar is a thriving cosmopolitan country in the heart of the Middle East, sitting on a peninsula of 11,521 sqm extending out into the dazzling Gulf, offering an exciting mix of Western and Arabic influences.

A rich country due to natural oil and gas; the last few years have seen a staggering amount of development as the city of Doha is transformed into a business hub and tourist hotspot.

Qatar was awarded the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, its most impressive victory to date. Several of the stadiums for the World Cup will be located in Doha.

Qatar has moderate desert climate. May to October are the warmest months with high humidity, the rest of the year the temperatures fall anywhere between the mid 20’s – 30’s. Rainfall is infrequent and falling mainly in the cooler months around November to March.

Qatar’s culture is firmly rooted in the Islamic traditions with an interesting mix of traditional Islamic values and western influence.

Qatar is a welcoming country and very tolerant of the customs of its visitors and is relatively liberal when it comes to Western dress codes (women are not required to cover up completely) and serving alcohol in hotels.

So if you are touching down in this fascinating region for business or pleasure, Qatar has a lot to offer.