Company Info.

RAFCO Trading Marine Equipment or RAFCO MARINE Company is a sister company of Al-Rafidain Co. (RAFCO) W.L.L., a well-known reputed company in Qatar.

With the growing marine demand, RAFCO Marine expanded and moved to a more strategic location to serve better its customers, expand the visibility, accessibility and further accommodate wider marine community. Today RAFCO marine is providing high quality marine supplies from OEM outboard engines, fiberglass boats and wide range of marine equipment as well as repairs & maintenance needs.


Company Vision

Our vision is to provide a full range of innovative world-class quality marine products and technical services. This is through to anticipate and customize client’s needs by providing guaranteed efficient products & services in combination with a highly competitive price.

Company Values


We are committed to render complete marine services to our customers for their marine requirements which are competitively priced and delivered in a competitive time frame.


Later in the 90’s RAFCO Marine was the pioneer in Qatar to develop RAFCO Crafts: manufacturing of Fishing Boats for fishery & leisure. Through the years RAFCO Marine has well established its name in GCC by exporting RAFCO Boats to its neighboring countries.

Wide Range of Marine Equipment

RafcoMarine are developing reputation through quality marine products, outstanding customer services, selection and quality like the following general marine products supplied by RAFCO Marine.

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