Al-Yousef Audit

Must be clearly foresee that the independent auditor is the person who appointed from the firm’s owner to evaluate the performance of management and supervision and to express an opinion on the financial statements of the Firm, and the extent of the corruption and the existing evaluation. And the main objective of the accounting bookkeeping and prepared on a scientific basis, According to international rules and regulations is to protect the owners of funds and to achieve the best results for them in their business, and to clarify the point at which the firm must stop its activity, or continuity, and for this purpose we are clarification for the firm’s owner the financial position of the firm and the size of profits or losses and how it fits in with the effort exerted and the paid-up capital, also we are clarification for the firm’s owner the total of the liabilities (credit) and Assets (debt) of the business and Cash Flows of the firm, also Revenues and Expenses And not hide to you how the organization of accounts and internal control provisions are important to access funds in order to the financial results as well as the correct implementation of the provisions imposed by the laws and relevant regulations, so the managers of these firms want to entrust their accounts to review the audit firms as experts and specialists from outside the company to judge on the veracity of the financial results presented to them and the verification and suitability of financial systems and the correct accounting standards so as to the financial statements present real financial position of these enterprises, as well as to transfer the full picture of the owners of the business of the pros and cons of management, accounts and its role in the development of the business, and develop and achieve profits. And do not forget that the primary goal
of any commercial enterprise is continuity and a profit and grow every year over the previous year, as well as that firm in the name of famous domestic and foreign markets and thus help them to increase their profitability.